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Children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay, so being aware of the common causes will be enormously helpful in keeping her or him from suffering the effects of it. At Children’s Dental Group, we know that by working together with you, we can prevent your child from getting cavities. Of course, a twice yearly visit to our South Gate pediatric dentist for an exam along with x-rays and a professional cleaning is essential to good dental health. If cavities have started to form, they can be filled and further erosion stopped in its tracks.

90280 Pediatric Dental Care

90280 Pediatric Dental Care

Probably the most notorious culprit in the saga of childhood tooth decay is sugar. Children love anything that is sweet and we don’t like to deny our children an occasional treat. But candy, soda, and other sugary snacks are a big reason that children get cavities. And don’t be fooled by juice. Sure, juice is more healthful than the empty calories of a soda, but it is still loaded with sugar. Our South Gate pediatric dentist says that It is best to limit foods with sugar and to brush your child’s teeth immediately after. If this is not possible, at least rinse their teeth as a viable substitute. In addition, snacks such as cheese, yogurt, and milk can act as mouth cleansing agents and protect against plaque, which plays a big role in both tooth decay and gum disease.

Another cause of childhood tooth decay is when babies fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth. This allows the liquid to pool around his or her teeth. And even if the bottle contains formula or breast milk, your child’s mouth bacteria convert the sugars into acids. This leads to the erosion of tooth enamel. While this applies to very young children, other causes that are applicable to all children include not brushing and flossing regularly or as thoroughly as is needed. Developing good technique is something that our South Gate pediatric dentist can help you with. It only takes a few adjustments and a little tenacity to make a huge difference in your child’s dental health. And there is nothing more important than keeping tooth decay from cutting a path through your child’s teeth.

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