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Taking care of your child’s dental health is incredibly important. Making sure that kids have a healthy oral environment not only helps their mouths stay healthy in the present but creates a good environment for their permanent teeth to grow into. While advanced periodontal disease is rare in children, they are still prone to develop earlier stages of the disease known as gingivitis and the condition can be chronic. If your child suffers from chronic gingivitis, it is vital that it be treated before it can create serious, long lasting side effects, and our team of South Gate dentists is here to help at Children’s Dental Group.

Periodontal Therapy South Gate

Periodontal Therapy South Gate

Though children are rarely known to develop more advanced stages of periodontal disease, meaning more advanced stages of gingivitis, leaving the condition untreated can still be incredibly unhealthy for their overall oral health. Gingivitis is when the gum tissue swells, becomes red, and bleeds easily. Not only is the condition unhealthy, but it is also uncomfortable. Gingivitis can make it painful for kids to brush their teeth, making them less keen on developing important dental hygiene habits that they need as they get older. Not only that, but leaving this condition untreated can affect their overall oral health, affecting their baby teeth and the health of their permanent teeth when they erupt. Here at Children’s Dental Group, our team of South Gate dentists is more than equipped to give your children the treatment they need in an environment that makes them feel comfortable and at ease. Our dentists can help clean your child’s teeth, getting rid of stubborn plaque from hard to reach areas, especially the gumline.

These intensive cleanings can help prevent the condition from worsening and with continued treatment can help eliminate it entirely. But in order for this treatment to be successful, regular visits for cleanings are required alongside brushing and flossing daily at home. Our South Gate dentists here at Children’s Dental Group can not only clean your kids’ teeth but can help teach them how to clean their own teeth at home the way they should, instilling proper dental hygiene habits that will stay with them in order to keep their mouths as healthy as possible.

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