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Children’s Orthodontist in South Gate

Pediatric orthodontics in South Gate

Children's orthodontist in South Gate

Children’s orthodontist in South Gate

If you are looking for an excellent pediatric dental service that offers complete pediatric orthodontic services, then you should come in to see us at Children’s Dental Group. Your child will be able to see our expert children’s orthodontist in South Gate for a complete orthodontic evaluation and treatment.

It is now recommended that children see an orthodontist by age 7 to have an evaluation. Today, interceptive orthodontic care may help your child to have a more beautiful and Helpful smile, when certain orthodontic treatments are provided before age 11. This type of orthodontic treatment can include using orthodontic appliances that will affect the way the jaw grows to make room for all teeth in the mouth. Interceptive orthodontics also will make tooth extractions less necessary when orthodontic work is being performed. We also offer other complete orthodontic services including using removable appliances. Removable appliances cannot be used to fix every orthodontic problem, but it is helpful in treating certain problems. Our expert orthodontist will be able to determine whether or not your child’s orthodontic problem can be treated with removable appliances. Our children’s orthodontist in South Gate provides many different braces options, including treatment with Invisalign. Both teens and adults can benefit from treatment with Invisalign which uses clear plastic aligners instead of metal or ceramic wires and brackets on teeth. Our practice is a Certified Invisalign Provider. We also offer complete orthodontic care with many different types of braces, as well as treatment with retainers. Braces can include either traditional metal braces or ceramic tooth-colored braces. Retainers are used to keep teeth in the proper position, once orthodontic work is complete. If retainers are not used as directed by our orthodontist, teeth will move back into their original positions, and orthodontic work will need to be performed once again.

For complete orthodontic care, we hope you will make an appointment to bring your child in to see our top-notch children’s orthodontist in South Gate.

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Children’s Braces in South Gate

Pediatric Orthodontist, Types of Braces for Kids in South Gate

Children's Braces in South Gate

Children’s Braces in South Gate

At Children’s Dental Group, we correct malocclusions using children’s braces in South Gate. Orthodontic treatment is the practice of aligning teeth or problems with the bite. We provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere in our offices. Our specialist is experienced in all types of braces, including for both children and teenagers. Children find our office very relaxing, and we specialize in treating children and giving them a fun and inviting dental experience.

We first have patients come in for a full exam. The teeth and gums should be healthy and in good shape before we recommend the right kind of braces for your child. It is important for your child to receive early interceptive care if necessary before getting their children’s braces in South Gate. Children should have their first orthodontic exam as early as possible. This allows us to check for future dental problems and to correct bite problems before they become more serious. Bad bites that are not treated quickly enough can cause more damage and potential future expensive dental bills. The main goal of orthodontics is to prevent a bad bite. Bad bites can affect the way a person eats, chews and even smiles. If left untreated, a bad bite can result in protruding or crowded teeth. Even worse, a bad bite can cause speech impediments that can be hard to get rid of later on down the line.

A child’s first orthodontic exam should be no later than age 7. Interceptive orthodontics is designed to create room for crowded and erupted teeth while helping reduce the need for any extractions of teeth. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted first, before the interceptive orthodontics are placed. These should be done before braces are put on for permanent alignment. Children’s braces in South Gate are a good way to align the teeth before they become too crowded.

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