Children's dentist South Gate

Children’s Dentist South Gate

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Dental sealants in South Gate

Children's dentist South Gate
Children’s dentist South Gate

Prevention is our top priority here at Children’s Dental Group. And if we can stop the onset of tooth decay, that means less chance for cavities; an outcome that is always welcome. Cavities tend to result in toothaches, infections, or even the loss of teeth. In addition to twice-yearly dental exams and teeth cleanings, one of the very best strategies for keeping cavities at bay is to make use of dental sealants for your child.

The first line of defense is still good nutrition and limiting the consumption of sugar. There are many products that have sugar, even condiments like ketchup and otherwise healthy options such as fruit juice. Sugar is like fuel for dental plaque, the filmy substance that grows on and between teeth, and which is the cause of tooth decay and the resulting cavities. Our children’s dentist in South Gate advises that your child should brush after meals and floss daily. It may even be a good idea to consider a quality dental rinse. Those methods go a long way toward stopping plaque from causing problems. The reality, though, is that plaque can hide away, such as in gum pockets and in the crevices of teeth that are not easily reached by a toothbrush and dental floss. It then hardens into tartar. And while it will be removed as part of a teeth cleaning, the goal is to avoid the formation of tartar to the greatest extent possible. Toward that end, our children’s dentist in South Gate suggests dental sealants. They are thin coatings that are made from plastic and then painted onto the teeth of your child. Sealants are typically used on back teeth, put onto the surface that does the chewing. They bond in to the depressions and grooves of your child’s teeth, forming a barrier across the enamel that keeps plaque (and tartar) from doing its dirty work.

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