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Children’s Orthodontist in South Gate

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Pediatric orthodontics in South Gate

Children's orthodontist in South Gate
Children’s orthodontist in South Gate

Many people need the services that orthodontic care can provide them with, and orthodontic care can be given to people of different ages. When people think of braces or other orthodontic devices, they often imagine teenagers, and though teenagers tend to be the preferred demographic for this type of dental treatment, braces and other tools can be used to help people of all ages. Even children might need braces, especially if they develop a severe bite problem or malocclusion that can impact their dental health. Here at Children’s Dental Group our children’s orthodontist in South Gate can help provide your child with the comprehensive orthodontic care that they might need in the event that they do happen to need braces.

Braces are not just used for cosmetic reasons, though they certainly Canby. For the most part, braces are used in order to help straighten teeth and to realign smiles. Misaligned or crooked bites, crooked teeth, and severe malocclusions can cause a wide variety of different dental problems in the present as well as in the future. Bites that do not meet properly, as well as severe malocclusions, can cause incredible challenges and discomfort when it comes to simple things like eating, speaking, and sometimes even breathing. Even crooked teeth, which are often considered a cosmetic concern, it can be a medical issue as well. If a person has severely crooked teeth, then they may not be able to properly clean them and are at a greater risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease as a result. All of these things are taken into consideration by our children’s orthodontist in South Gate when they provide your child with a routine examination. Pediatric dentist will generally look at how your child’s teeth are coming in and a developing, especially since they often predict how their permanent teeth will develop as well. If your child has a serious bite problem, or severely crooked teeth, then they may need pediatric orthodontics or interceptive orthodontics early on. Here at Children’s Dental Group we can make sure that your child’s dental health is improved as much as possible and that intensive oral surgery and future issues can be avoided.

In most cases, children who undergo interceptive orthodontic treatment may still require braces when they are teenagers, but the job of interceptive orthodontics and pediatric braces is to help eliminate the need for removing teeth or any other kind of intensive oral surgery that your child might need otherwise. No matter what, our children’s orthodontist in South Gate here at Children’s Dental Group will be able to determine exactly what kind of treatment your child will benefit from and will be able to provide them with exactly what they need.

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