Dentist for Children in Lynnwood

Dentist for Children in Lynnwood

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Kids Braces in Lynnwood

Children’s Dental Group is a dentist for children in Lynnwood offering the best in kids braces. Our office is filled with bright, colorful decor and games, a large-screen TV, movie-theater settings and even rides to make their visit fun and exciting. Our quality care and years of experience make us a perfect fit for children who need extraordinary dental care. Patients are usually around age 14 when they receive orthodontics, after the jaw has grown in more.

Besides being members of the community and active in teaching at some of the local dental schools such as UCLA, Western University College of Dental Medicine, and USC, our dentist for children in Lynnwood is trained in all aspects of pediatric dentistry. We also offer sedation dentistry for kids who have dental anxiety. It’s good for some procedures that may be too long to sit through, or for those kids with extreme anxiety. We want your child’s visit to be as comfortable and as easy as possible, and for your child to get the dental care they need. If your child is getting braces, we offer the initial exam for free. Kids can also opt for Invisalign braces as well. Most of our patients are under the age of 15, but we do offer services for adults, too, so if you’re an adult seeking braces, give us a call for more information. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, giving kids the best braces and orthodontic treatment around.

As one of the largest denti-cal providers in California, our dentist for children in Lynnwood has 11 different offices for our patient’s convenience. Braces are usually kept on for a year or over a year, depending on the level of alignment needed. Early interceptive orthodontics are sometimes done when the patient is too young for braces.

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