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Root Canal Therapy South Gate

Dentist in South Gate
Dentist in South Gate

Root canals are done when the pulp inside a tooth becomes infected. The pulp nourishes the tooth around it, keeping it healthy and fed. When the pulp becomes damaged, a root canal procedure is needed to clean out the damaged pulp and seal the tooth off so that nothing can get in. At Children’s Dental Group, our dentist in South Gate performs root canals as a regular and emergency procedure.

A toothache may signify the need for a filling or emergency root canal. If the tooth is cracked, the cracked pieces of the tooth can move and can begin to irritate the pulp inside, which ends up being very painful. When bite pressure is released, it may cause sharp pain. This back and forth movement can cause the pulp inside to become permanently damaged, leading to infection and eventual extraction of the tooth. Our dentist in South Gate may use the root canal procedure as a way to save the tooth from extraction. If you do need an extraction, we can have the tooth out quickly and in just one visit. It’s better to remove the teeth if it is deeply infected sometimes, so that the infection doesn’t spread.

If you have a toothache, don’t wait to call our dentist in South Gate. An emergency root canal, or emergency endodontic treatment, is designed to save the tooth from needing extraction so that it doesn’t have to be pulled. Root canals are designed to clean the inside of the tooth and remove the damaged and infected pulp, while saving the entire tooth surrounding it. We first clean and seal the tooth while the patient is under local anesthesia. It is not painful and once completed, a crown is placed over it to protect the area. An emergency root canal may be performed if there is an infection, or abscess, under the tooth’s root or along the gum line.

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