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Treating Early Childhood Cavities in Lynwood

Kids Dentist in Lynwood
Kids Dentist in Lynwood

We often don’t think of young children having dental problems other than those that accompany the acquisition of teeth. What maybe overlooked is the problem of dental decay or cavities among the very young. Our kids dentist in Lynwood at the Children’s Dental Group has been making sure that the children of our community have been getting the proper oral care.

Early childhood cavities are a serious disease that can destroy a child’s teeth. According to our kid’s dentist in Lynwood, there are a number of common causes of cavities in young children such as letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle. When your baby is asleep the liquids that contain sugar, whether it be breast milk or formula, stay around the teeth and can cause decay. Allowing your infant to walk around with a bottle can also have negative effects on the teeth. For slightly older children allowing the child to keep drinking bottles of juice can have the same effect. The sugars on the teeth will start a pattern of decay, which results in cavities that are just as damaging to primary teeth as they are to permanent teeth.

Cavities in young teeth can cause tooth loss if left untreated as well as lead to crooked permanent teeth and pain. The child can also develop ear and speech problems. Our kid’s dentist in Lynwood suggests that the young child’s teeth should be brushed by the parents after each meal and as soon as they are able the child should be encouraged to brush their own teeth. Bring the child to our office for a check up at an early age so our doctor can monitor the development of the teeth and oral structure. Our staff will show your child the proper way to brush and floss and encourage them to do it on a daily basis in a fun way.

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