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Pedodontist Huntington Park 

As a parent, there is no greater concern for you than the health and well-being of your child. You want to know that you are doing everything you can to insure your child grows healthy and strong, be it with regular vaccinations and a healthy diet, or with regular check-ups from your local Huntington Park pedodontist. There are ways to insure that your child grows into a beautiful and healthy smile, and while many are available over the counter, you should never begin one without consent from your child’s dentist. Our welcoming and knowledgeable team at the Children’s Dental Group are experts in pediatric dental care, and can work to educate both you and your children about the best ways in which to care for your growing teeth.

Kids Dentist Huntington Park
Kids Dentist Huntington Park

Primary or baby teeth are often over looked as being somehow less important than permanent or adult teeth. However, the truth of the matter is that primary teeth are as equally vital to the health and beauty of a child’s growing smile as their permanent teeth are. Primary teeth allow your child to chew and speak naturally and in a healthy manner, and their placement and health is a direct precursor to how their permanent teeth will grow. What this means simply is that permanent teeth will take the exact place of baby teeth, and as such need to be kept healthy and strong and made certain that their placement is exactly how they should be. Your trusted Huntington Park pedodontist can do so by performing regular dental exams to adjust teeth if needed, and guide you and your child through proper care techniques to insure teeth do not fall out a moment too soon. One of the leading ways pediatric dentists do so is through the use of fluoride treatments.

A fluoride rinse follows ever child’s cleaning and dental examination, and is the basis of ADA approved toothpaste for children and adults. Only fluoride is proven to strengthen teeth against damage and decay. Parents may read about at-home fluoride treatments to care for their child’s teeth, and while these are available at your local grocer and pharmacy, parents should not purchase one without consulting their professional Huntington Park pedodontist. Fluoride is already pumped into the water supply of most towns, and in most cases the amount present is the healthy rate for your child’s teeth. Too much fluoride can cause more harm than good, so always check with your family dentist before beginning a fluoride treatment of your own. At the Children’s Dental Group our unique kid friendly offices do more than educate your child, we educate parents as well about the needs and concerns of your child’s oral health for a beautiful smile they can grow into.

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