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Primary Teeth in South Gate

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South Gate Dentist

If you are looking for an expert pediatric dentist, you want to bring your child to Children’s Dental Group. Our pediatric South Gate dentist will be able to provide your child with excellent dental care as well as answer all your questions about your child’s treatment and oral health development. Many parents have questions about primary teeth, and why it is so important that they receive dental care.

Primary teeth are more commonly referred to as baby teeth. They are the first set of teeth to erupt in your child’s mouth, and will eventually fall out and be followed by your child’s permanent teeth. Even though baby teeth are not meant to last forever, it is important that they are well taken care of so that they will remain healthy and be able to remain in your child’s mouth for as long as they are needed. Baby teeth play three major roles in your child’s oral health development. To begin with, baby teeth act as placeholders for corresponding permanent teeth. If a baby tooth falls our prematurely, the corresponding permanent tooth will not have a place saved for it in your child’s mouth. This means that when the permanent tooth finally erupts, it may end up coming in in the wrong location, and can cause problems, such as pushing a different permanent tooth out of place. Sometimes, when a baby tooth falls out prematurely, our South Gate dentist will recommend that your child gets a space maintainer. However, with periodic dental exams and gentle dental cleanings at our office, it is much more likely that your child’s baby tooth will remain intact for as long as it is needed. Baby teeth also help your child to develop clear speaking habits that will last a lifetime. In addition, baby teeth help your child to thoroughly chew his or her food so that they can thoroughly digest their food and benefit from all the nutritional value it has to offer.

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