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Pediatric cavity prevention in South Gate

South Gate Kids Dental
South Gate Kids Dental

Keeping your child’s teeth strong and free of cavities is a big part of what we do here at Children’s Dental Group. There are a variety of possible concerns for children when it comes to their oral health, and our South Gates kids dental are the specialists who are qualified to meet all your child’s needs, and all of yours. Don’t settle for a general dentist who serves adults, too. By choosing a dedicated pediatric dentist like ours, you can be assured that your child will get the best possible care, with treatments and helpful guidance and advice designed just for patients of their age group. Our office environment is friendly and welcoming, and your child will have fun while here.

Preventing cavities in kids is a lot more challenging than it is for adults. Our South Gate kids dental understands that, which is why we offer tips to stem the effects of tooth decay in your child. At the top of the list of recommendations is that she or he eats a nutritious diet and sugar intake is kept under control. This includes limiting meals and snacks, and avoiding sticky foods. It’s also important to keep watch on what he or she drinks. Beverages are a sometimes overlooked source of dietary sugar. Even juice should be scrutinized. Yes, it has lots of vitamins. But it also has lots of sugar. It’s always a good idea to promote nutritious snacks and even make treats a part of your child’s meals. Brushing after meals is essential, as is daily flossing. This will serve to remove most of the plaque that forms on and between your child’s teeth, the primary cause for cavities in the first place. And plaque uses sugar for fuel. Use dental rinses, too. Our pediatric dentist can recommend some for you.

Your child’s experiences with our South Gate kids dental in her or his formative years will go a long way toward determining how he or she thinks of dentistry for life. We strive hard to make these experiences positive ones. And the fewer cavities your child has, the fewer fillings that are needed. And that’s about as positive as it gets for a kid.

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