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Teeth Whitening South Gate

Reasons for teeth whitening in South Gate

Teeth whitening South Gate

Teeth whitening South Gate

Teeth whitening South Gate is one of the most requested dental procedures done each year. Children can also have their teeth whitened. However, they would need to first be evaluated by a dentist to see if they qualify. Your first step is to consult with a qualified pediatric dentist like ours at Children’s Dental Group.

There are different ways teeth can be whitened and each person’s situation is different. If your child is a candidate for teeth whitening South Gate, our expert dentist will recommend the teeth whitening option would be best for him or her. The term “teeth whitening” refers to any procedure that makes teeth appear whiter. There are two main ways to achieve this; with bleaching and non-bleaching products. Often, bleaching and whitening are used interchangeably, but according to the FDA, the term bleach can only be used when the product contains bleach. The product is just considered “whitening” when it removes debris and food from the teeth without using bleach. Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide. They remove both surface and deep stains off the teeth, which makes them whiter. Sometimes, it can even cause them to become lighter than the natural shade. If you would like your child to get his or her teeth whitened, you should schedule a consultation with one of our expert pediatric dentists to determine if he or she qualifies. The dentist will then discuss the available teeth whitening options that would best suit your child’s situation. When you come to our pediatric dental group, your child will be in excellent hands. Our dentists are specifically trained to provide dental care to young patients. We offer a full array of services at our practice to benefit your child. Your child will receive the exceptional dental care he or she needs and deserves at our practice.

To learn more about teeth whitening South Gate, you should come in to see one of our pediatric dentists. Call our office to schedule your appointment today.

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South Gate Kids Braces

Pediatric braces in South Gate

South Gate kids braces

South Gate kids braces

Are you thinking that it is time that your child is seen by an orthodontist? If so, you will do well to bring your child to our Children’s Dental Group where we have many orthodontists who are dedicated to helping children with pediatric orthodontic care. If your child needs South Gate kids braces, our orthodontists will be able to examine their particular situation and let them know what types of pediatric braces are offered to help them meet their orthodontic goals.

At our Children’s Dental Group, our pediatric orthodontists are: Dr. Gabriel Mizraji; Dr. Lillian Ho; Dr. Karla Thompson; Dr. David Han; and Dr. Rita Chuang. We also have a large number of pediatric dentists on hand to help your child with any pediatric dental care that he or she may need. At our practice, children are able to get pediatric orthodontic care which will help them have more attractive and healthier teeth for a lifetime. Having a beautiful smile is not only important so that your child’s smile will look great; if your child’s teeth are crowded, they will be very difficult to brush and floss as they get older, and may contribute to your child developing gum disease at some point in his or her life. When children get pediatric braces at our practice, there are some different braces solutions that can be used. After meeting with our pediatric orthodontist, you will be advised of the South Gate kids braces options that will work best in your child’s particular situation.

At our practice, young children are able to get removable appliances. These removable appliances can be helpful in making sure that certain teeth do not move while other teeth do move into other places. These appliances can also be very helpful in making sure that spaces are left to allow permanent teeth to be able to erupt in the correct place. These removable appliances can also help affect the growth of a child’s jaw so that it will be able to fully accommodate all teeth as they come in. This type of interceptive orthodontic care can greatly reduce the need for orthodontic care as your child becomes a teen. It will also help keep tooth extractions to a minimum, later on. For teens we also can offer Invisalign braces as a way to invisibly move their teeth into the proper location. For an appointment to meet with our South Gate kids braces specialist to learn about all the braces options that we offer, contact us for an appointment.

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