Teeth cleaning 90280

Teeth Cleaning 90280

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Dental Cleanings in 90280

Teeth cleaning 90280
Teeth cleaning 90280

Dental cleanings are highly important to keeping a healthy mouth and teeth. At Children’s Dental Group, we stress the importance of cleaning teeth annually. Our dentist can perform a teeth cleaning 90280 and get into the crevices of the teeth where bacteria lies and can cause cavities. Cavities can result in the need for fillings or missing teeth if they become too decayed. Cavities can also lead to gum disease and other dental ailments.

A teeth cleaning 90280 is different from a periodontal cleaning. Teeth cleaning is a routine procedure in which our dentist uses special tools to get in between teeth and gums to clean and scrape off tartar and plaque. A periodontal cleaning is a special kind of cleaning that is done to clear the pockets under the teeth of bacteria. Bacteria can build up in the pockets and can cause gum disease, which can result in loss of teeth. Pockets that have gone under 4mm will require a periodontal cleaning. Once the bacteria is cleaned out, the teeth are much healthier. Bacteria multiply daily, that’s why it’s so important to both brush and floss daily. This rids the mouth of bacteria.
If your child needs a teeth cleaning 90280, you can call our dentist at Children’s Dental Group to schedule an exam. The cleaning will start with a short exam, upon which we will then proceed to perform the cleaning, which can take about 30 minutes to an hour, if more cleaning is needed. Afterwards the teeth will be free of plaque and tartar. We encourage patients to brush and floss properly to always keep plaque and tartar off of teeth, and to ward off tooth decay. Call Children’s Dental Group today for the best in teeth cleaning and periodontal cleanings as well as children’s dental services, today.

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