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South Gate Pediatric Dental Cleanings

Your child’s dental hygiene is one of the essential keys to maintaining strong and healthy primary teeth that will fall out on schedule to make room for permanent adult teeth. At Children’s Dental Group, we form a partnership among our staff, you, and your child to foster the best strategy possible to ensure your child’s optimal dental well being. That means a combination of good practices at home and regular visits to see our South Gate kid’s dentist.

Kid's Dental Checkups South Gate
Kid’s Dental Checkups South Gate

It all starts with your child’s diet. Yes, children love sugar (as do adults), but it is important to limit sugary snacks and drinks to the extent that you feel comfortable. This doesn’t mean eliminating sugar, but just being more sparing with it. An overall nutritious diet with some sugar as a special treat is one that will be most beneficial to your child’s teeth and gums. In addition, regular brushing and flossing are vital to remove sugar and other food particles- and of course, plaque- from the surface of the teeth, between them, and at the gum line. Plaque can harden into tartar, a much more stubborn substance that is nearly impossible to remove except professionally by our South Gate kid’s dentist.

But even the best at home regimen can’t guarantee that all food particles and plaque have been removed. The remnants slowly, but efficiently, erode your child’s precious tooth enamel. That is why it is recommended that you bring she or he in at least every six months for a dental exam that includes x-rays and a cleaning. If any tooth decay has taken hold, our South Gate kid’s dentist can address it, remove it, and put a dental filling in to stabilize the tooth and keep it whole. A dental cleaning removes any remaining plaque, tartar, and food particles, all the things that bacteria feed on to cause their damage to your child’s teeth.

With adherence to good practices at home and at our office, you give your child the best chance to ensure that his or her teeth will not be adversely affected by tooth decay, possibly leading to one or more falling out our being extracted before they are supposed to. It also means less chance of toothaches. And our South Gate kid’s dentist doesn’t want your child to have pain any more than you do. We look forward to working with you to see to that.

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